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Learning a Lesson From Chris

The girl sat on her bed the bikini top in hand. It was the senior trip tomorrow to six flags and her friend had called her letting her know the water park was open. Begging her to go to that part with her since none of the others in the group wanted to or could. The girl told her the only bathing suit top she could find was the one sitting in her hand. The one that exposed her secret to the entire park. 

She had asked her friend if she should just say fuck it, wear it anyways. Not like she’d be seeing most of the people ever again. It was her last and first time to have to experiance their mass group of stares and at the same time could be her moment to throw caution to the wind.

"Fuck it." She said to herself glancing down at her stomach. "I’m not ashamed." She said throwing the top into her bag.